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Kelly Colbert Investments’s seasoned carpenters have powerful portfolios that include jobs of all sizes.

Best carpentry services

No matter how well your house or office is built, you might need to find good carpentry services to achieve that exquisite look. Kelly Colbert Investments offers the best carpentry services in Fort Collins CO. Our expert team of professionals is the right selection if you want to add shelves, cabinets, and other furniture items in your house. We assist you in all kinds of carpentry repairs and remodeling projects. Our unmatched services are nowhere to be found due to our great efficiency and the desire to provide the best to our customers. Whether it is a new construction or the renovation of old items, we do not miss the chance to prove our worthy services. You have to avail them if you want a beautiful surrounding environment. Call us to book them now.

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Concrete Work Services

When you need to repair your stenciled, stamped, or aggregate concrete structure or build a revolutionary new structure, we are ready for your help. Our impeccable concrete work services are a comprehensive set of help that you might need for your property. We listen to your queries with an open heart and try to facilitate you as much as possible. Find a whole range of impeccable concrete structures, designs, and style options according to your taste. We bring a blend of professionalism and open a new door of possibilities for you. Grab them and transform your ordinary concrete into a piece of art.

Best Custom Cabinets Services

Cabinets add a very amazing touch to your bathrooms or kitchen and also provide that extra convenient space you might need. We have the best custom cabinets services to match the needs of your dynamic settings. We comprehend the needs of every individual customer and make special offers for them. You will get a different estimate for cabinet paintings or cabinet repair. Our skilled team knows how to cope with all types of cabinet services. You need to work side by side with them for the best derivation of your needs. Contact us to avail of them now.

Kitchen And Bathroom Countertop Designs Services

Kitchen and bathroom countertops are so helpful if you want to increase the functionality. They make the place more beautiful if blended perfectly. We have kitchen and bathroom countertop designs services that can match your aesthetics perfectly. From classic designs to modern ones, we are proficient in crafting the right design for you. We value the investment you put in to match your styles and that is why work with our full might. You will get all the single worth of your penny from our professional work. Choose the right customer design according to your taste and let us do the hard work. Call us now to hire them.

Doors Installation Services

When you use us, you are not working with just any carpentry company. You’re working with a business that is committed to ensuring your complete satisfaction from begin to finish. From assisting you with decisions on the ideal wood to constantly remaining in your budget, we take pride in our ability to go the extra mile for our Greeley, CO customers. Discover the difference working with a carpentry company that cares can make, and get connected now.

Best electrical services

Electrical systems and appliances are not compensable things in today’s world. The need for the best electrical services is inevitable for the safety of your place. Our impeccable electrical services are really helpful if you want to achieve the perfect living conditions. Our technicians are all-rounders in coping with all the challenges regarding your appliances or systems. We can do all retrofits or installations perfectly without causing any future threats. They are secure with seals and insulating pipes. We take customer satisfaction on top and consider your demands. Choose all types of repair, reinstalling, and maintenance services from us. Call us to hire.

Best Flooring Repair & Maintenance Services

The floor might become tarnished due to extensive foot traffic. We have the best flooring repair & maintenance services that are going to keep them upright and intact. We apply the necessary coats, seals, and protective layers so that they might not collapse in the future. There is the work of professionals involved in every venture we offer. You can get easy and convenient services without the disruptions of your other parts of the property. You can seek the right guidance for preserving their integrity for the future. We make sure you are safe and facilitated now and in the future. Connect with us for the best advice and floor services.

Best Gutters Installation and Repair Services

Guter maintains that needed water flow that will save your property from unwanted mishaps. If you suffer from broken or damaged gutters then we have something for you. Our best gutters installation and repair services are the best choice for making your gutters fully functional again. We have a wide expertise in this section and always aim to provide the best to our customers. You can always count on our expert installers. They know how to fit any kind of gutter in any kind of roof. We perfectly make it part of your roof and enhance functionality. You can enjoy a water-free living. Call us to avail them today.

Best Home Repairs & Maintenance Services

We have excellence in a variety of repairs and maintenance work. We can improve the living conditions and functionality of your house with our best home repairs & maintenance services. All these services are carried out with a proper plan and on the principles of perfect execution. You won’t need other contractors to work for all your home repair needs. We take pride in our diverse work and can repair every corner of your house. This will greatly benefit you and help you to save money and time. We offer affordable deals on all repair services and also offer maintenance guidelines for the future. Expect the best work from us.

Expert HVAC Services

If you want to enjoy all seasons perfectly then we are here to help you. Our expert HVAC services compromise different services for your HVAC system. We can install ACs or repair your furnaces with efficiency. There is no need for another service because we have everything. Our experts are well-versed with every part and technique to repair, install, or maintain your cooling and heating system. We treat every part of your system with professionalism. There is no need to endure harsh weather anymore. We are here to help you. 

Best Interior & Exterior Painting Services

Beautifully painted exterior and interior give a very good impression on your guests and yourself. That is why we have the best interior & exterior painting services that are unmatched in their beauty. We have professionals at work who know the proper techniques to make your property look exquisite. You can just suggest your favorite styles, themes, and colors and we will make sure to apply them perfectly. Our use of top-quality paints and tools makes your property an excellent piece of art. After hiring us you can expect the best results at the most convenient prices. 

Best plumbing services

If your pipes are broken or roofs are leaking, then it’s time to contact us. We offer the best plumbing services that are nowhere to be found. Whether you need to repair broken taps or install new pumps, we possess everything to facilitate you fully. There is no need to look for anywhere else when we have everything you need. Make your property leakproof and enjoy the pristine environment that you longed for. We offer premium services at commendable rates. You can have an all-in-one solution to all your plumbing needs. Do not miss this chance and Call us to book our services.

Top roofing repair services

Roofs are the most important part of any property. They need to be very strong to protect you from unwanted disasters. We have the top roofing repair services that you need to refurbish your roofs. Our all-round services make every roof fully operational again. You can expect our brilliant work for any kind of roof. Our mastery knows no bounds. There is a whole combination of repair services that you will get at very affordable prices. The experts at our company are going to transform your old roof into a new one. Wait no further and drop us a message to book them now.

Best tile flooring services

Tile floors are a convenient and safe option for big houses or commercial buildings. They are easy to maintain and look very good. We offer the best tile flooring services that can help you install these amazing tiles at your place. We have the best installers that exhibit a vast experience in this sector. They perfectly install these tile floors and make your property more beautiful. You do not have to look for any other company because we have every service for these floors. We can repair them or efficiently replace old tiles with new ones. If you want to install them, hurry up and give us a call.

Why choose us?

Kelly Colbert Investments is a trusted name for all types of home renovation services in Fort Collins CO. Our expert services are the outcome of our vast industry experience and the right knowledge. We have so many types of amazing services that cover every part of your property. From the best carpentry services to amazing tile flooring, our expertise knows no restrictions. We deliver our customers with our full might and make sure they get what they want. Our cost-convenient deals will provide you with a better approach and do not compromise on quality. Make sure to choose the right one for the targeted task. Call us and learn more about our services.

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Customer Reviews
Sarah Johnson

Kelly Colbert Investments transformed my outdated kitchen into a modern masterpiece! From the initial consultation to the final touches, their team was professional and detail-oriented. I highly recommend them for any home remodeling project.

Robert Martinez

I had a fantastic experience with Kelly Colbert Investments for my bathroom remodel. They exceeded my expectations in terms of quality and efficiency. The team was reliable, and the final result is stunning. I'm thrilled with the outcome!

Amanda Turner

Kelly Colbert Investments did an outstanding job renovating my entire home. The attention to detail and craftsmanship were impeccable. They were also great at communicating throughout the process. I couldn't be happier with the end result!